‘This game might be almost finished’

'This game might be almost finished'

It’s been a while since we last slept, but it’s been worth it as we at EventHubs have been thoroughly enjoying the Street Fighter 6 beta.

We have tons of praise already from our experience as Street Fighter 6 has already come to be a total turnaround from what we experienced at this stage with Street Fighter 5, but we do have at least one qualm with things thus far.

Catalyst and I discuss a handful of topics here in the first part of our impressions dialogue. Without giving too much away, both of us were quite impressed by how smoothly the experience went… after you navigated the overly complex and not so intuitive menu systems, of which there are many.

We also are started to get a real feel for just how far along Street Fighter 6 appears to be in the development process at this point. While we don’t know exactly how much more there is to be done with the rest of the roster, we can say that what we did get to examine this weekend has proven quite polished.

This bodes especially well for the potential of an early 2023 release date for SF6, and we get into a few more details during our talk. We also share our thoughts on the game’s netcode, which appears to be quite strong… perhaps deceptively so.

It’s probably best to reserve total judgment for a while yet, but it really does feel like Capcom has made it their goal to check all the boxes Street Fighter 5 failed to upon its launch, and they’re achieving it.

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00:00 – Intro
01:35 – The worst thing thus far…
06:20 – How close does the game seem to be finished? (Release date speculation)
08:00 – How’s the netcode?
10:47 – Pace, flow, and no 3 frame moves?