Menopause weight loss: Women should have 4 key foods for breakfast every day – ‘crucial’

Menopause weight loss: Women should have 4 key foods for breakfast every day - 'crucial'

Rachael Sacerdoti, founder of the wellness program It’s So Simple, shared the best nutritional tips to reverse the signs of menopausal weight gain and reduce symptoms. She explained: “The shift in hormones as we reach menopausal age certainly accounts for our bodies becoming prone to storing extra weight. And there are many other symptoms, such as night sweats, anxiety and hair loss which all our stress and cortisol levels will increase which play havoc with our bodily functions.”

According to the expert, adjusting the diet should be the first step and is a simple way to heal and recover.

A diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, and high-quality protein is key to supporting hormonal health, and the food that women have for breakfast each morning can make a huge difference.

Rachel explained: “We believe that making healthy lifestyle changes is vital at any age, but it should be considered even more once we reach our menopausal years.”


With the biggest hormonal change in menopause being a drop in estrogen levels, it is essential to supplement the diet with substantial protein and naturally occurring phytoestrogens.

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The expert commented: “Since estrogen is directly related to helping with healthy fat metabolism, bone density and muscle mass, it is crucial that we eat enough quality protein, such as turkey, which has incredibly high protein levels.”

Eggs and fatty fish

Menopausal women can lose bone density, so an increase in vitamin D is also essential, and oily fish and whole eggs are the best sources for this.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt also has nutritional benefits for bone health due to its calcium, potassium and magnesium content, so it’s another great alternative to eat for breakfast every morning.

Therefore, a menopause-friendly breakfast should include foods such as turkey, for quality protein, eggs and salmon for vitamin D, and Greek yogurt for calcium, which are all foods that women should have every morning.


Angela Counsel, a nutritionist and menopause expert, recommended the best foods to lose weight, which also helped her lose four stone while going through menopause.

She explained: “Increase your intake of vegetables, iodine foods (seaweed and sea vegetables), and reduce gluten and grain foods.

“Consume phytoestrogen foods—soybeans, sesame seeds, flaxseeds.

“Eat right for your body type, take a personalized approach to your diet and lifestyle, and reduce stress by eating and living well,” she advised.

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Michael revealed that pumpkins are “full of health benefits” because they are full of potassium, which “helps you lower blood pressure, lower your risk of stroke and increase bone mineral density, boosting your bone health”.

Pumpkins are high in fiber and low in calories, “which means they make you feel full without adding more food throughout the day”.

They are also a nutrient-rich food, “a healthy way to fill up” and “their fiber also promotes digestive health, helping you to go regularly,” revealed the trainer.

He also recommends having pumpkin seeds because they have tryptophan, “an amino acid that helps make a chemical called serotonin that helps you sleep”.

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